crafted by photobiz

Artist Statement

Through the ever changing nature of my sets, I capture the essence of an endless life cycle, and through the static nature of the companion photography, I preserve the moments of time that create impact in that cycle—those times when for better or worse—our lives are indelibly changed by forces outside ourselves.

The meaning in my work is in the doing of it. Just like my pieces themselves, my approach and its results have transformed over time. The pieces I build, using discarded detritus, become part of me for their lifespan. My photographs are a record of their evolution and devolution—how within the set objects come together with others, move together for a time transforming each other and then separate to travel their own path. Rather than creating an environment, taking a photograph and then clearing it away so that the photograph captures the end of a life, my photographs are simply milestone markers. I add to and withdraw from the landscape of a set whenever it speaks to me—allowing for creation and destruction to happen as it will and for patterns of intention to emerge. I observe the process over time; watching the scene as it breaks down and is built anew in completely different materials.

The image ultimately captured is defined by the piece to encapsulate a feeling. The light, composition and perspective of the photograph support this mood. Through creating these psychological portraits, I am able to capture the complexity and intricacy of the idea I want to convey to the world.